Ecco Tex wool blend

Ecco Tex is a renewable, recycled content wool blend yarn exclusively available from J Mish Mills. With 50% pure natural wool and 50% recycled PET fiber, Ecco Tex products merge sustainable features with value.

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Ecco Tex is truly a premium product at a value price point.

Combining all of the attributes of wool with the additional stain resistance and post-consumer recycled content of PET, Ecco Tex offers superior aesthetics, excellent indoor air quality, as well as thermal and acoustical insulation, to name just a few properties.

The Ecco Tex collection currently is available in the following styles:

  • Adderbury: Needlepoint-looking grid formed with two contrasting heathered yards
  • Bristol: Tailored, European-style ribbed loop with a medium weight, corded vertical texture
  • Laredo Corde: Thick, chunky texture in a unique corded construction.
  • Manchester: Woven-look texture with a simple gridded geometry.
  • Norfolk Tweed: Rich and luxurious tip-sheared texture with colors formed by a combination of two different heather yarns
  • Richmond: Tip-sheared loop with a soft felt-like appearance