premium wool pad

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Enhance your carpet installation with premium wool pad from J Mish!  Manufactured in the USA.

Our Natural Performance Wool Cushion is a 100% wool pad that offers maximum performance and adds to the life of your carpet.  Produced from 50% pure virgin wool and 50% post-industrial recycled wool yarn, Natural Performance Cushion is 100% bio-derived with no chemical additives or treatments.

Natural Performance Wool Cushion rolls are 6′ wide by 45’ long. The cushion comes in two weights: 24 oz. (1/4″ thick) and 36 Oz. (3/8″ thick). Both weights provide lasting under-foot comfort due to wool‘s superb memory and resilience.

In addition to adding to the useful life of a carpet, Premium wool cushion will enhance acoustical and thermal properties and reduce overall energy and maintenance costs.

Features & benefits

Made in the USA!


  • Renewable — sheep’s wool is shorn every nine to 12 months
  • 100% Natural— made from sun, rain and grass,
  • Recyclable and biodegradable


  • Composition – 50% virgin + 50% post industrial recycled wool
  • Two weights – 24 oz. and 36 oz.
  • Rolls are 6’ x 45’

  • Adds longevity to carpet — reduces pile-height loss and pile crushing; cushion can help keep a carpet ‘new’ looking and therefore increase its usable life span
  • Improves carpet acoustical properties — carpeted environments are quiet because the pile surface absorbs surface noise; carpet installed with a carpet cushion makes the room even more quiet.
  • Improves thermal properties — adds from .75 to 2.0 R-value
  • Naturally flame-retardant — difficult to ignite due to higher ignition temperature; wool contributes less to smoke or toxic gas formation, compared to synthetics.
  • Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive
  • Odor-free — non-offensive to installer and occupants
  • Suitable for residential installations