Grand Junction

Light Grey

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Grand Junction

Light Grey

With small checks floating on fields of creamy white, heathered toast, or grey, Grand Junction provides a lively, fresh look. The smooth surface of this hand woven flatweave carpet lends a sophistication that can only be created on a loom.


Style Number - Name 1413 - Grand Junction
Color Number - Name Light Grey
Product Description Handwoven Flatweave Pattern

Fiber 100% Wool
Total Weight / Square Yard 60 oz.
Width 16' 4"
Colorways 4 standard colorways
Total Height 0.250"
Pattern Repeat 0.63" (W) x 0.67" (L)
Flammability Passes methenamine pill test
Soil & Stain Wool is naturally resistant to soiling and staining. No additional chemicals are applied.

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Choosing wool carpet is the first step to having an attractive, easy-care environment.

Following basic maintenance rules will ensure that the investment in new floor covering will last longer and look wonderful for years.

A comprehensive carpet care program consists of four elements:

1. Preventative maintenance
2. Vacuuming
3. Stain removal
4. Regular cleaning

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