Allure has an opulent, luxurious texture, chunky yet refined. With a unique yarn construction, the rich, perfect luster of wool is interspersed with the soft sparkle of light reflectance of sateen yarn. Allure has seven timeless and neutral colors, in both warm and cool tones.


Style Number - Name R0002 - Allure
Color Number - Name Silverton
Product Description Tufted Loop

Fiber 100% Wool
Total Weight / Square Yard 108 oz.
Width 12'0"
Colorways 7 standard colorways
Total Height 0.688"
Pattern Repeat None
Flammability Passes methenamine pill test
Soil & Stain Wool is naturally resistant to soiling and staining. No additional chemicals are applied.

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Choosing wool carpet is the first step to having an attractive, easy-care environment.

Following basic maintenance rules will ensure that the investment in new floor covering will last longer and look wonderful for years.

A comprehensive carpet care program consists of four elements:

1. Preventative maintenance
2. Vacuuming
3. Stain removal
4. Regular cleaning

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